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Some place to do 1 day biking tours around Hanoi

Nowadays, bike riding is becoming more common and popular among young people as well as middle-aged people. It not only helps to improve your health but also relieves tension after a week of work. Exhibition of famous landmarks around Hanoi. Bicycling around the world points through the 7 places not to be missed below:

1: Ba Vi

Going to Ba Vi is probably the simplest route on the list, with a distance of only 50 km, this trip is purely relaxing. The cool air of Ba Vi will bring you the most relaxing feeling. Here visitors often visit Uncle Ho Temple, Upper Temple, Hoan sa, ancient church and orchid gardens. Ba Vi is also often chosen as a place for wedding photography because it is very romantic and close to nature. You should also visit the Ba Vi National Park along with the tourist at the foot of the mountain.

2: Giong Temple – Soc Son

The population of the temple is located in the Vimal Mountain – also known as Soc Mountain, Vi Linh Village, Phu Linh Commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi. The origin of this monument complex is only a small shrine of the Emperor Tuan and the Non Nuoc Pagoda was built in the reign of King Dinh Tien Hoang.

At present, the population of Temple relic, including Temples, Temples, Non Nuoc Pagoda, Dai Bi Pagoda, Thuong Temple, Stone Plantation, Saint Giong Statue and stone tablets record the history of the Temple Festival. There is also the Vietnam Buddhist Academy.

3: Baoshan Meditation Center

Baoshan Paradise is an entertainment area near Hanoi, very suitable for the team want to organize a small picnic, sightseeing along the road Thang Long, This is a complex of entertainment including games , water show, art show, water park … help you relieve stress during the summer. Even in the winter, not suitable for playing water games, this is still a great option

4: Lam village ancient village

Duong Lam is an ancient Vietnamese village that still preserves the material and non-material values ​​of the ancient way of living. Old houses in the area of ​​the village are funded to maintain, store goods in order to keep the most traditional features for visitors. Visitors can also enjoy traditional rustic lunch at the yard of an ancient house, drink a glass of tea, eat a slice of tea at the village head coach, ride bicycles roam the streets paved clean will.

Going to Lam Street you should go in one day because there are many points in the village to visit such as Mong Phu, Phung Hung, Ngo Quyen, Mia, Temple And.

5: Quan Son lake

Quan Son is a large lake area of ​​about 850ha in the area of ​​5 communes, My Duc district, about 50km away from Hanoi, is a tourist destination near Hanoi but the landscape is quite wild and quiet. Landscape Quan Quan Lake beautiful by the mixture of limestone mountains glistening on the lake surface, on the water are rich vegetation such as Trang, Sen etc. v.v.v. If you come to Quan Son in the spring of the Blooms, you will feel a garden of Lotus overflowing on the lake. So the best time to get here is late May and early June.

6: Dong Mo Cultural Village

Cultural Village – Tourism of ethnic groups Vietnam is a tourist destination near Hanoi, just about 50km from Hanoi, built with a total area of ​​1544 hectares (including 605 hectares of land and 939 hectares water surface). This is a national cultural site that preserves and preserves the unique cultural heritage of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. The main sightseeing area is the Ba Na, M’Nong, Xu Dang, Gie Trieng, Gia Rai and Ede.

In addition, you can also take a boat to King Island, visit Dong Mo golf course … This area often organizes the cultural activities of the various regions such as the ceremony of planting trees, singing songs The Seven Horsemen Racing Festival.

7: Tram Mountain

The center of Hanoi city is about 25km by road QL6 Hoa Binh direction, through Yen Nghia bus station, through Mai Linh bridge to Bien Giang ward not all areas of the city, About 1km on the right hand side signs the Hanoi College of Pedagogy and Sports, turn and go about 5km to see the mountain Tram belongs to the commune of Phung Chau, Chuong My District, Hanoi.

Located on the river Day in Doai, not only natural scenery charming, Tram Mountain is also famous as a collection of relics, temples, both spiritual and valuable. long history. So it makes sense to choose for the spring break.

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