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Factors affecting grading include: degree of up/down, difficulty of the surfaces to be ridden, amount of bike handling skill required, distances covered and other factors such as heat, altitude or remoteness. All our trips require basic fitness, preferably acquired through riding your bike, and please remember that any cycling involves some physical exertion, so you cannot expect that you will not feel tired on an ‘easy’ trip.

PLEASE NOTE: Conditions for a particular tour may vary from one month to the next. The main benefit of grading is to provide an overall indicator to compare one trip against another.

Biking Grade Guide 

Biking Grade Guide


Suitable for anyone who can ride a bike and can manage a bit of exercise. No routes are 100% flat, so there might be the odd climbs and descent, but on the whole – easy. ( from 27- 45 km / per day ). Spend  2,5- 3 hours biking per day.


Suitable for reasonably fit people who are confident riding long distances. Fitness is more important than technical ability for trips of this level, and some specific training or preparation is recommended, e.g. running, cycling, swimming or aerobics once or twice a week (preferably cycling!). ( From 50km-75km /per day ). Spend 3- 4  hours biking per day .


Longer cycling days mainly on asphalt pave road or  tarmac, broken tarmac but no real off road. There may be some hills and descents but not too many. 100% vehicle support and you should have some fitness and be prepared for the bike trip.( 80-100 km for road bike , flat, no hill ), ( 55-75 km, asphalt pave road , very hilly +- 400m ascending per day ). Spend 5-6 hours biking per day


Long cycling days and tougher terrain (for both on- and off-road trips) requiring specific experience of more demanding and technical cycling. Vehicle support may sometimes be more limited; the routes can contain rough tracks, so some off-road riding skills are an advantage. You should be confident of your physical condition and bike handling skills. Spend 6 hours biking per day

(100-130km for road bike , flat+ hill +- 1500m ascending per day), ( 60-70 km off-road mountain bike, +- 1600m ascending per day )



Cycling for up to 8-9 hours a day over mountain passes requires you to be in great physical shape. Roads/tracks are well defined but some off-road riding skills will help. You will be spending time at altitudes above 1,500 meters and could go as high as 2000 meters at certain times in the tour. Riders should be happy to undertake a long tough rides up and down steep mountains or following very technical trails in testing conditions. A high level of fitness required, as well as proven mountain biking skills.

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