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Experience traveling by bicycle

Experience traveling by bicycle

Experience useful for a safe and fun “trip” trip.

“Bicycle” is a new type of tourism is popular with young people in recent times. Not only the strength in terms of cost, bicycle travel also bring beautiful travel moments, unforgettable experiences for bike riding in his travels.

If you are planning a bicycle trip, you should take a look at the experiences shared below to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable journey.

Which bike is suitable for “phượt”?

Mountain bike:

The function of this car is to go on sloping mountain roads, rugged rocks and jagged holes. Using this type of vehicle, you will reduce the anxiety of the problem of tire, bad road. You will not hesitate to run through the road full of rubble. However, because of the weight of this car is relatively heavy, the wheel is too big, so users have to spend a lot of energy.

This is not a speeding car, so traveling time will be a bit long. If you travel through Vietnam in a self-loading mode, your car must have a braze-on (saddle-mounting unit …). The front and rear wheels should be added to prevent sand from falling on the face when going in the rain. To avoid regular broken spokes, you should use wheels with 36 spokes or more.

bikingvietnam with Road bike:

When using this car you get the speed advantage, but in return, you can not go too fast in the rough, bumpy road. The tires and tires of the bike race are very thin so it is easy to break down when encountering obstacles. If you use this type of car, it is best to carry extra bark and spare car. Another point to keep in mind when using this type of car is to be very careful during the rain because the car is easy to slip.

Practical bike (touring bike):

“Touring bike” is designed for travel purposes, so this type of car is not heavy, short like mountain bike and not as slim as road bike. Freezing, braking, high-gain / low-rider systems are of high quality. Kick up as a pickup truck so that the user can easily change the position of the driver to reduce fatigue, wind resistance and relaxation on the long winds.

The frame is sturdy, lightweight and long enough for unattended luggage to interfere with the ride. The rim is solid because there are 36 spokes or more, so the problem of broken spokes, curved hardly occurs. Wheel type suitable for travel in Vietnam is 700c x 28, or 700c x 36.
Transportation of luggage

Use a pair of hanging baskets and a small rear compartment to hold utensils and belongings. If you have a waterproof, do not prepare a rain cover for your luggage. Preparing these rear loads will lift the weight of the luggage on the front of the steering wheel, both difficult to control and not safe for you.

Tools necessary for the trip?

The tools listed below are considered essential and indispensable tools for a long journey.

– One or two long locks used to lock all vehicles of the group “pho”

– 2 big cuttings

– 1 pliers

– a system to increase the lap in the rear

– 1 set of brake lines

– A small pump

– 3-4 tattoos

– A rolled-up tire

– A tire removal kit

– A tattoo kit

– A small set of screws

– One or two pairs of auxiliary brakes

– A screwdriver

– A chain fitting and chain link

– Nanjing car: bring the right kind, right size.

– A bike lock.

– Speedometer, long distance, temperature …


What should personal baggage carry?

The net worth is from under 15kg. Based on the time of the trip that the luggage arrangements as compact as possible. Limit to bring too many electronic devices and valuable valuables.

– Shoes: A pair of running shoes for the road to save energy; A pair of sandals handy to be able to “be more” when stopping travel, sightseeing.

– Hats and suits: A helmet; Spectacles for cycling, protecting your eyes from dust and sun; A good sunscreen lotion, without sunscreen you can burn black as a lump of ice …; Wear a sweat ring, otherwise your sunglasses will be blurred with sweat.

– Water tank: Use one of the following two ways to bring along drinking water: Use two water jugs, one water tank, one water tank; Or use a bottle of water and a water, the water will contain filtered water and the tank contains energy.

– Food, energy drink:

Available in energy-boosting powders and fast foods full of nutrients and calories. Only carry enough for the trip to avoid overload problems. Powder for hydration, hydration, hydration, and hydration drink powder, or electrolyte drink powder, is important in the early stages and the stages are overheated.


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