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Touring travel alone

Experience touring Vietnam travel alone by bicycle

Touring cycle  is a type of tourism that many young people love and respond. You can go out with friends, relatives or maybe just go alone.

You often choose to go by motorcycle is mainly because it does not take much time, not much effort. But bike riding is also a great choice for young people. It forged your patience, exercised health and satisfied exploring, challenging yourself.

Walking alone with a bike will really have a lot of things you have to prepare, because it is much more difficult than you have teammates, all the way out on the road you have to solve yourself. Here are some experiences for you to ride alone on a bike.

Choose the type of bicycle when traveling alone
You ride by bike, so that bike is an indispensable part of your trip. There are many types of bicycles on the market, each with different advantages and disadvantages and suitable for different types of terrain.

Bicycles shaped terrain
This vehicle can go in terrain with jagged rocky terrain, hills such as mountains, steep mountains or bad roads. However, this type of car has a heavy weight, so the wheel to lose more people. It will take more time to move.

When riding on a bicycle, you should buy a seat saddle, it will make you easy and comfortable when moving.

3D saddle bikes suitable for all types of saddle
3D saddle bikes suitable for all types of saddle

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Bicycle racing
This is a fast-paced, lightweight car, but it is only suitable for flat roads, but it is difficult to get into rough roads. The tires and tires of this car are so fragile that it is easy to break through or break into bad roads.

If you use this type of vehicle for travel, then you should carry the tire and spare tire and be careful when traveling because of slipping.

Practical bicycles
This type of vehicle is often used for traveling or traveling. It can go both flat and rugged terrain and the speed is also quite good. Of course, there are no outstanding advantages such as speed will not be equal to the race car and bear the bad roads like terrain vehicle.

You can also add a waterproof bicycle light, a versatile battery charger that will help you a lot in the ride.

Waterproof bicycle bellows, portable battery charger, waterproof bicycle bellows, battery charger for travel
Bicycle bell, waterproof, rechargeable battery for travel

Equipment needed for the trip
Here are some essential tools in every dust travel

– Mini bike patch kit

The compact bikes will be a must for cycling
Sleeping pens are indispensable for cycling

– Tire

– Car tires

– Bags or backpack

– If you go overnight or go hilly, hard to find a homestay or homestay, a tent or sleeping bag is essential. It gives you an overnight stay, avoiding insects and strange animals.

You should have the tools to protect yourself along the way, be it multi-purpose appliances or the baggage you carry. It is imperative to have self-defense, because going alone is a lot of danger that you encounter, while you have to handle things yourself.

– Snacks and drinks

On the go, you can not always find yourself groceries when you are hungry, so bringing food on your trip is very necessary.

– Country

You can forget about food, but you can not forget about drinking water. Since cycling is very quick to lose water, every 15 minutes, you should add water for yourself once.



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