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Five basic rule when riding a bicycle

Five basic rules when riding on a bicycle

Bicycling is not too difficult but it is not easy for newcomers to participate. There are requirements that you absolutely need to pay attention if you want to make a trip away in full with your car dear.
Safety first

Biking in Vietnam is not as safe as you think. Although bicycles are not as fast as motorcycles or cars, but because of the small size of the vehicle, or the visibility of other vehicles, you are at risk of going on the highway or at the crossroads. off the road. That’s why safety should be your first priority if you want to experience this new experience.

Before you go, you should check the car and the accompanying equipment. Pay attention to whether the helmet fits into the head and gets caught in the air, and the components in the car are working properly (brakes, wheels rotate and do not tilt …) or need additional parts for the car. For example, put lights on the hat or front wheel to make you see the road better and other drivers can see you in the evening.

It is important to understand the roadmap to avoid unnecessary dangers. Picture: varietynz.

Reviewing the route you plan to take is also essential to keep it safe. Knowing the conditions surrounding the trip, you will avoid the accident is not worth it. For example, when you know the route, anticipate traffic or know the rules you need to follow that route to avoid unsafe elements. And remember, when you ride a bike, you become small, truck or any other 4 wheeler will not see if you do not give the appropriate road sign. Turning your head back and looking behind you when necessary is all about ensuring your safety.

Bring enough supplies

Items such as identification, phone and money are not just for you on the trip, but are also important in tough situations. You have an accident and no one is on the way to help you, but you have no relatives nearby. This is the time to use the phone to call a helper or use the money and identification to make the process of hospitalization and treatment more rapid and easy. In dangerous situations such as missing or life-threatening, these things are important to help the authorities to rescue and help you.

Snacks and water are not superfluous

Bike racing consumes a lot of energy, maybe hundreds or even thousands of calories. You can not imagine the body feeling exhausted and unconscious. Your feet will be as hard as lead, and all your motives will go away. To avoid hypoglycemia or energy deficiency, carry light and healthy snacks. You can bring fruits like bananas, apples or dried wares, peanut butter, bread.

You should have enough water and snacks. Picture: giftbasket.

Keeping water in your body is even more important than recharging your energy throughout your trip. If your body is dehydrated, your blood becomes denser, your heart rises, your body weakens, and gradually your journey becomes really bad. Drink regularly to avoid the above phenomena, and every 15 minutes is an ideal stretch to provide enough water for the body.

Know how to repair a basic car

You can not always find a mechanic on your long journey. You should be familiar with some of the skills that are not too professional to ensure that the trip is not interrupted by tiny technical issues. The tire is sprayed, the tires need to replace, break the brake line, the chain, you should know how to solve these problems themselves. Carrying spare tools such as tampons, pumps, screwdrivers will be helpful for you when the car breaks. A bit of basic knowledge that saves you time, money, and turns you into an expert cyclist, not someone who just waits for someone else when the car is in trouble.

Choose the right one for your trip

You should carefully study the weather before the trip to choose the right dress. When you go to the car, you do not have troubles when you forget the raincoat during the pouring water. But cycling for hours under the harsh sun or rainy storms, you need to pay attention to weather factors and costumes.

If it’s dry and warm at the moment you go, a sweat shirt or lightweight sweatshirt will be the right choice. If you go in the evening, a thin wind jacket will be something that should be in your backpack.

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