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How to do Biking in Vietnam



How to Biking in Vietnam

Which bike is used?
Mountain bike: The function of this bike is to walk on steep, rugged mountain roads full of rocks and jagged holes. Using this vehicle, you will lessen the anxiety about the tire problem, encounter bad roads. You will not hesitate to run through the crushed road. However, because the weight of this vehicle is relatively heavy, the wheels are slightly larger, so the user has to spend a lot of effort.
This is not a fast-moving vehicle, so the journey time will be a bit long. If you travel across Vietnam in the form of self-loading travel, your car must have a braze-on (saddle installation part for transporting luggage …). It is recommended to install a barrier for the front and rear wheels to prevent sandy soil from splashing on the face when in the rain. To avoid the problem of frequent fractures, you should use wheels with 36 or more spokes.
Road bike: When you use this type of vehicle, you get a speed advantage, but in return, you can’t go too fast in rough, bumpy roads. Shells and tires of racing bikes are very thin so it is easy to break down when encountering obstacles. If you use this type of vehicle, it is best to bring extra cover and spare wheel. Another point to keep in mind when using this vehicle is to be very careful during the rain because it is easy to slip.
Practical bicycles (touring bike): “Touring bike” is designed for tourism and nomadic purposes, so these vehicles are not heavy, short-term as mountain bike and not as slim as road bike. Freezing, easy braking, high lift / drop system are all high quality. Eastern recording type penguins like a car so that users can easily change the posture to control less tired, less wind and relax on long, windy roads.
The ribs are sturdy, light and long-lasting so that the baggage transport is not entangled, obstructing the bike rings. The rim of the car is solid because there are 36 or more spokes, so the problem of the spokes of the spokes and the curvature almost never happens. The type of wheel suitable for travel in Vietnam is type 700c x 28, or 700c x 36.
Carrying luggage

It is recommended to use a pair of hanging baskets and a small rear chest to store tools and personal belongings. If you have a waterproof type, you don’t need to prepare rain protection for your luggage. Preparing these rear load items will hold the burden of luggage on the handlebar, while difficult to control and unsafe for you.
The necessary tools when traveling in groups
The tools listed below are considered to be memorable and indispensable for a long journey.

  • A big bicycle pump
  • One or two long locks to lock all vehicles
  • 2 large wrenches
  • 1 pliers.
  • 1 rising and falling system at the back
  • 1 set of brakes
    Personal bicycle tool
    The necessary bicycle tool for the group is important, but don’t forget the small, light, easy-to-carry car repair tools with you. I can say it’s room objects … dear.
  • A small pump
  • 3-4 tattoo cars
  • A rolled-up tire
  • A tire removal kit
  • A car tattoo kit
  • A small snail lock set
  • One or two auxiliary brakes
  • A spokes for the spokes
  • A piece to remove the chain and chain box
  • Car spokes: bring the right type, right size.
  • One bicycle lock.
  • Speed, long distance, temperature meter …
    Personal luggage
  • Shoes: A pair of bicycles to keep the road away; a handy pair of sandals that can be “cool” when traveling, visiting.
  • Sun hat and protective gear: A helmet; Cycling glasses, protect your eyes from dust and sun; A bottle of good sunscreen, without sunscreen, you can get black sunburn like a lump of coal … stone; The head strap is soaked in sweat, otherwise, your sunglasses will be blurred because the sweat drips down.
  • Water tank: Use one of the following two ways to bring drinking water on the road: Use two drinking water bottles hanging from the side of the car, a filter tank, a tank of energy drinks; Or use a water bottle and a water, water will contain filtered water and the bottle contains energy drinks.
  • Camp
  • Food and energy drinks:
    Available in energy drink powder and nutritious fast food and calories. Only carry enough for the trip to avoid overloading problems. Powder for tonic water, relay, dehydration, and anti-“cramps” (hydration drink powder or electrolyte drink powder), very important at the early stages and the climate is too hot, too long and there are too many hills and passes.
    Fast foods such as salty biscuits, chips, chocopie, chocolate, peanut candy, bim bim … These fast foods are very needed during long or steep, steep passes.
  • Clothes, gloves, socks (socks), sleeping bags
    Two pants used to run bicycles help “your table” to be inflated because sitting all day on the saddle.
    Two or three cycling jerseys make you cool and don’t lose much water.
    Two pairs of cycling gloves are needed, or you will have your hands inflated.
    A pair of warm feet socks can be used in all weather, keeping warm and reducing sunburn in the legs.
    A pair of long gloves can cover your arms to keep your hands warm while traveling in the area

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