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Ngo Anh Tu (, 1990) has overcome many difficulties to pursue the great passion of his life. Great love for adventure bikes On a small day, watching the film Pacific Bl Để theo đuổi đam mê, bên cạnh việc thường xuyên tự học, tìm hiểu, Tú gặp không ít tai nạn trong quá trình luyện tập. ue about the bike patrol police, Tu was impressed and fascinated with the dramatic pursuit of drama and difficult technical performances. From there, Tu began to nurture love playing and challenging the terrain bike. After a long time practicing road bike in Hanoi, realizing his true passion is the mountain bike, Tu has moved to Trial bike and stick with it until now. hours. In early 2015, Tu played Enduro - a thriving content of mountain bike type. With Tú, trial bike is  Với Tú, xe đạp là tất cả, không thể bỏ được. attractive in balance and high accuracy. "Enduro, for me, feels like speed, adventure, adventure. When climbing the mountain, or at the zigzag line, rugged road, I am very interested. Overcoming your fear is when you achieve excitement. " In pursuit of passion, besides the regular self-study, learn, Tu met a lot of accidents during the training. In pursuit of pa “Mình không hối hận vì cái gì cũng phải đánh đổi, nếu thành công quá dễ dàng thì sẽ không lâu bền..., Minh Tú khẳng định. ssion, besides the regular self-study, learn, Tu met a lot of accidents during the training. At this time, trial bike is quite new in Vietnam, so the early days of training, Tu have trouble finding materials and coaches. Tu must learn by himself on YouTube channels and online material. Due to weak technique, Tu has fallen over both wrists while trying to perform a new move. Not enough rest days to practice again, right now Minh Tu's right arm was disabled. "I do not regret anything to trade, if successful too easy will not last. At that time, I was forced tocontinue training. Because if I stay too long, I have to practice again. Therefore, if selected again, I will identify and study carefully from the beginning to avoid unnecessary injuries, such as wearing protective gear. At the moment, I do not have protective gear to wear, "Tu said. Tu said that if anyone wants to come to this subject, it must be determined that this activity is very risky and the training is not light. So determination and passion will be the prerequisite, then learn and practice the technique smoothly and pick a car that has the parameters really suited to you. This 9X guy said, "Playing sports for good health, but to follow professionalism in the long run will be harmful. Afraid everyone is scared but the time to board the car, fear is nothing anymore. The feeling of excitement and happiness as being conquered and doing what you like will replace fear. But I'm very interested in health, when practice fatigue, I will stop for relaxation. With Tu, the bike is all, can not be dropped. With Tu, the bike is all, can not be dropped. Once in the top-of-the-line bike village, Tu was "financially self-sufficient" by performing and organizing bicycle-related events. Seasonal work of busy season "performances": the beginning and the end of the year. For free time, Tu participate in some exchange programs or competitions in Singapore, Thailand ... 1 - 2 times / year. In 2015, Tu is the representative of Vietnam Got Talent in Malaysia. Tu said: "When participating in these programs, I realize that the Vietnamese have the opportunity to compete with other countries in the region. We have the capacity, at the same time not tried, there are not many opportunities to develop because the domestic car movement is weak. During life with trial bike, Tu often faced risks: injuries, broken car does not replace the still have to perform, so effective not as expected ... When all the pressure (work, health, emotions) pumped up to the peak, Tu was fighting a lot about turning a different direction. But the studio management lasts only a few months, Tu realized in a deep way, bikes are all for themselves, can not be dropped. "The hard times I always think -One is the next step to get it all, two is to stop and nothing (what you do up to this point is meaningless)," Tu said. Therefore, despite many discouraged, with great determination and passion, Tu has overcome the difficulties to pursue the dream ofhis life. "In Vietnam, it will have to manage many new ways of living, because the community is not growing. But I think each path, when it comes to itself, will have difficulties. It is important to overcome it, "Tu said. "I do not regret anything that must be exchanged, if successful too easy will not last long," Minh Tu said. "I do not regret anything that must be exchanged, if successful too easy will not last long ...", Minh Tu confirmed. After nearly 8 years of training, Tu used 11 trial and 1 Enduro. In particular, Tudu's Enduro is the most expensive (more than $ 7,000). Mom and Dad donated the first car, the

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