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What should be prepared for Vietnam cycling?

Family cycling

What should be prepared for Vietnam cycling?

If a motorbike ride to middle-aged adults does not really fit in, it’s just for the young. In contrast to using sports bikes to pick not picky, moreover the cost to make the trip is not too high. The most important thing is to choose the perfect bike, along with the full carry but not much.
Which bike should you choose?

Do you have a “slippery” sports bike? The car you own is Hydrid Bike, Road Bike or mountain Bike ? If you are not ready for a mountain bike or touring bike at the time of preparation, the advice that you should consider carefully before your decision. Having said that, so you can not go straight to the streets of your city, you have to accept the mountainous hills. And only one Bike Moutain is enough to accompany you in the way. However, this car is quite heavy and moving somewhat slow. The solution for you is, if your trip is not too many rugged hills, a Touring Bike is ideal solution.

Of course, before you leave, you need to check again that parts of the car are okay. If there is any problem, you need to fix it immediately so that the journey is safe and convenient.

What should you bring?

Bicycle riding is an interesting idea if you are fully equipped with the items you need.

A car repair kit as well as necessary accessories. Of course, the basic car repair knowledge you should have.
Fast food and drinks. You may not always be able to meet along the way, so fast food, drinks (which may be energy drinks) are needed to supplement the energy of the long journey.
Personal identification, telephone and, most importantly, money. Do not be so adventurous that you lose both your voice and your wallet! Every risk can happen and your mission is to minimize risk to yourself and your friends during the trip. Therefore, identification papers, especially money and telephone, are not allowed to be forgotten.
Suitably appropriate clothing, especially gloves, socks, hats, raincoats, shoes and clothing for cycling are never to be missed.
In addition to the specialized equipment for a long-distance cyclist like above, you need to prepare the full range of personal items or personal items that a player should have anymore!

Enjoy great travels along the bike
A sports bike dedicated to the traveling, the essential supplies for a long journey plus a spirit of fitness will give you a trip full of exciting experience. But keep in mind that this fascinating journey will only really take place when you are fully prepared for the challenge.

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