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If you are bored with vacationing holidays, just sleep all day in the hotel, then it’s time to enjoy the great bike tour in Vietnam. Traveling around Vietnam can be the best way for you to truly see how beautiful and intimate your country is.
Whether you want to go to the vast expanses of the road, the golden rice fields are coming to harvest, explore the old houses while learning more about the culture of your hometown or buying some dishes. Unique to the gift to friends, sure way to travel by bike new terrain will also be your interesting choice.

Here are the 5 best bike tours in Vietnam you should visit:
1. Hue.
Start a new day by stepping out of the hotel and eating a light breakfast, having a glass of coffee at a roadside restaurant. Then, take a bike out to explore the quiet streets and corners of Hue – a city that has been recognized by UNESCO. Go through the bridges built from the 18th century, and a series of palaces will take you back to the Nguyen Dynasty. Not only that, come here, you should visit a unique museum, and visit the crowded market filled with delicious fresh food are the places you can not ignore when coming to Hue city.

2. Early morning in Hanoi.
With influences from French, Chinese and Southeast Asian architecture, the locations in Hanoi often bring a unique, ancient and modern beauty, giving visitors a warm, love that close.

At this place, you should take a bicycle tour and explore two beautiful lakes in Hanoi – Hoan Kiem Lake and West Lake. Stop off the iconic sights like Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Presidential Palace. Then enjoy a bowl of delicious noodle or bun cha – specialty Hanoi. You should start the journey from 6 am, because the weather is very pleasant.

3. Hoi An.
If you do not want the bustle of a crowded metropolis to bother you, Hoi An can be an ideal destination for bike lovers. This trip will introduce you to daily activities in local villages, from vegetable cultivation to lantern, and give you a close-up view of traditional life.

On certain evenings of the week, you will see Hoi An glistening in the colors of the lanterns, can learn some secret tips to create beautiful lanterns that you can see the pulse. around Hoi An. From there, take a bike ride to Tra Que Village to see local farmers cultivating their vegetable gardens before stopping at a nearby restaurant for lunch.

In the afternoon, you take a boat ride along the Thu Bon River, stop at Thanh Ha Pottery Village and see the skills of poets making pottery here.

4. The Mekong Delta.
Cycling through tranquil canals and pavilions near peaceful rivers, coconut palms beneath the cool coconut shade, enjoying a delicious lunch from the Vietnamese specialties will be an exciting choice. .

At this place, take a bicycle ride between the houses on stilts overlooking the Tien River and watch the glittering dragon fruit on a local farm. When approaching, point your steering wheel toward the end point, jump off the bike and move to Ho Chi Minh City.

5. Cu Chi
From Ho Chi Minh City, you can take the car into the vibrant rural plains located in the north of the city. Once in Cu Chi, go on a bike and start moving through the countryside. It has a history of excellence and a network of underground tunnels as well as historical monuments make this place unique.
If you are a passionate person and want to discover more about the history of the country, Cu Chi is a place you can not ignore when traveling by bicycle, especially with Japanese terrain bike.

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