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Few tourist sites in Hanoi by bike

Few tourist sites in Hanoi by bike

Some tourist sites in Hanoi by bike
Hanoi thousands of beautiful years from all angles. But it will be even more interesting if one day you

explore Hanoi on a bicycle.



Margo Pfeiff, a foreign visitor to Vietnam, said: “Joining traffic here is like swimming in the middle of a car, from cars, trucks, electric bikes, hawkers and two-wheelers spilled over the boulevards, where red lights seemed to be the only things to decorate … ”

In that context, choosing a bike to visit the landscape or exercise is gradually becoming a “movement” attracted a lot of participants. In Hanoi, there are many places suitable for cycling your more fun, fresh.

1. Long Bien Bridge

“Hanoi has Long Bien Bridge
Long wide just north on the Red River
The vehicle travels freely
People are bundled upside down … ”
The iron bridge has a history of over one hundred years spanning the Red River. Slowly according to each rhythm, you will have moments to settle in front of the nostalgic space, immense bring here. Spread out the eye is a gentle, green beach under the bridge with corn, vegetable cool eyes.

Picture: Le Lai

Photo: Army Scribbler
Watching the dawn or sunset of the Red River from the Long Bien Bridge are two moments that many young people like. In summer evenings, bike ride on the bridge and sip a glass of lemon tea with friends or gong in the cold numbness and pampered to enjoy grilled corn, roasted potatoes on the bridge in the winter real the experience is unforgettable.

2. West Lake

West Lake is the largest lake in Hanoi, has a peaceful atmosphere. On summer evenings, this place is filled with wind people. If you do not have a bike, you can easily rent a car for $ 50,000 a day.




West Lake in winter (Photo: Thai Duong Tran)

Around the lake are the cool roads, clean, very convenient for cycling such as: Thanh Nien road, lake road, Korean wharf, Japanese landing … Sunset on Lake or West Lake are all specialties of Hanoi when summer. The sun is splendid, brilliant.

Sen Ho West pure fragrant help purify the sultry space. Watching the sunset and inhaling the lotus chest is a very effective way to relieve stress.
Picture: Giang Trinh


Photo: Jiang Kenji

Photo: Pag Chun
3. Some central roads

Phan Dinh Phung, Tran Phu and Hoang Dieu are three of the most beautiful streets in Hanoi. The beauty of the road is that the sidewalks are clean, wide, and trees are shady with green shade all year round, running parallel to the rare main road in Hanoi.

Photo: Pag Chun
In the season to change leaves, the road is a golden leaf carpet stretched to the eye, beautiful poetry. Along the street there are many old villas built in the French colonial period and famous works such as Cua Bac church, Thang Long royal … Cycling on this street will bring feelings of relaxation Enjoy your fresh air and aroma of light flowers flying in the wind.

Photo: Army Scribbler
4. Hanoi Old Quarter

If you are used to a busy Hanoi old town, where goods and transportation take up space, vibrant night and then bike ride will probably be a new exciting, It gives you the opportunity to explore the old town more deeply as you step on the bike, watching the everyday life of the people here.

Picture: Le Lai
Picture: Italy
Walking around the old town by bike is very convenient and safe. You can stop at any time to take pictures, buy souvenirs or simply step on the slow pedal, just watch the old house, moss that ordinary people easily overlooked if moving with high speed. If you are lucky, you can see Dinh Tien Hoang Street in this romantic dream fad …

Photo: Pag Chun
5. Kim Ma Street

Kim Ma is known as “The most romantic road in Hanoi” with double parallel lines, unique. In this road, whether winter or summer, whether the leaves trifolent or green shade with cool shade also have the character of dreaming, very lyrical. In the spring, the road covered with flaming red shoots of trees in close tones, prominent in the sky.

In the summer, the green carpet of grass becomes brighter, more fresh in the sun. Fall, golden leaves fall filled the road to make a brilliant autumn gold. And in the winter, the trees also attract many young couples to ride here.

Ảnh: Giang Kenji
Ảnh: Pag Chun


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