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You can’t enjoy a great biking trip without a really good bike. After 2002 , the year we have been running bicycle tours company. We decided provide you with the world’s leading bike manufacturers Trek ( USA )Cannondale (USA ) , Kona (USA ),Surly ( USA ) Giant ( Taiwan), Yeti ( USA ) , Colnago , Cinelli ( Italia ) All of them-design for  very best road,  touring and mountain bikes . In our cycling tours bicycle rent will including on tours price.

Trek, Giant , Cannondale , Specialized , Surly , Yeti , Colnago, Cinelli  bicycle for hire in Self guide and solo biking traveler as details :

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Our services bicycle renting in Hanoi for solo touring who need Vietnam bike rental only

Please Note: Vietnam bike rental for Touring self guide cycle ,we require a cash for deposit of :

  1. 800 USD for each bike rented with Giant XTC electric
  2. 900 USD  Trek 520, Surly cross
  3. 4,900USD for each bike with Cinelli or Colnago road bike
  4. 1,400USD  for Cannondale F3 . RZ one twenty 3
  5. 2,500 USD for Cannondale scalpel
  6. 5,000 USD for Specialized Tero electric bike

Our bike are used: All bikes that has been used previously. The bikes may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. All of bike has well maintenance before to give you


Cinelli road bike

Bikes pick up in Hanoi and return in Hanoi


This bike available for solo touring rental

Price : 35 USD/day

  • BaFang ebike kit
  • Ideal: 93 km
  • plus extra battery


Price : 70 USD/day

  • Specialized Turbo Tero bike
  • Rear rack with pannier
  • extra battery


Price : 50 USD/day

  • Specialized Turbo Tero bike

Trek 520

Price : 25 USD/day

Surly Cross

Surly cross

Price : 25 USD/day

Cannondale Scalpel

Price : 25 USD/day

Cannondale RZ 120

Price : 25 USD/day

Colnago CLX

Price : 48 USD/day

Colnago is one of the most famous names in road cycling. Ernesto Colnago started off producing his own steel frames and also worked as a race mechanic for the teams of Fiorenzo Magni and Eddy Merckx among others.

Cinelli road bike

Cinelli Veltrix

Price : 48 USD/day

Italian firm Cinelli provides the frameset for a build that’s as Mediterranean as olive oil. So often, bike firms slap an Italian flag on something and double the price, hoping people will see the red, green and white stripes as a mark of quality.


 Cannondale F3 with rear rack for touring

25 USD/day






The single-speed Novara Afterburner brings a high level of user-friendliness to folding trailer bikes!

The single-speed Novara Afterburner

  • Tool-free folding mechanism is intuitively easy to use; simply unscrew the hand-friendly knob and fold the arm back on itself—it’s that fast!
  • Suggested for kids three to seven years old

Vietnam bikes rental for your self guide with support trip.

Renting one of our bikes,  you will saves your  luggage allowance .

Our bikes are always fully serviced before a trip.

+ We supply helmets, but you may want to consider bringing your own if you are taking a long tour as helmets can be a personal thing and we cannot guarantee a perfect fit.

All bikes come with including :

+  Water bottles cage

+ You might like to consider bringing SPD clip pedals if you use them.

+ Handle bar bag ( only for people book self guide tour with us)

+ Seat bag with extra tubes, tools, patch kit. (only for people book self-guide tour with us)

Self guide touring looking for Vietnam bike rental please take note:

All bikes are available for general hire at our operations office in Hanoi. The rental prices per day are listed at the top of this page, along with the following conditions:

  • Pick-up and return: Both pick-up and drop-off must be done at our Hanoi office.
  • Daily rental: If you pick up the bike anytime before 5pm, you will be charged for the full day.
  • Multiple-day rental: If you pick up the bike at midday on the first day and return it at midday on the next day, you will be charged for two days.
  • Availability: We cannot guarantee the availability of specific bikes or gear at all times. Please contact us as early as possible to reserve your desired bike.
  • Payment: All bookings must be paid for in advance before picking up the bikes.
  • Online booking: We offer online booking for both bicycles and bikes. Please make an appointment online, by phone, WhatsApp, or email at least two weeks before your desired pick-up date.
  • Insurance: Our bikes are not insured. If you lose a bike, you will be responsible for the full replacement cost, which will depend on the value of the rented bike.
  • Damage: If you damage any accessories or parts of the bike, you will be responsible for the repair or replacement costs, based on market value.


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