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Biking and cycling vietnam

Explore Vietnam on two wheel by embarking on a cycling or biking tour with us

Marco Polo Vietnam bike tours was mention on guide book Lonely Planet and Tripadvisor especially  mountain bike holiday in Vietnam since 2003. What make Vietnam bike tours is great ? professional services , travel years’ experience, high-end mountain bike and road bike including in tours price , delicious foods, unique destination.

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Gear checking list

Vietnam Cycle gears checklist

The key to staying comfortable while on an active trip is layering. To get maximum comfort with minimum weight, you need versatile layers that mix and match to create the right amount of insulation, ventilation and weather protection. This gear list has been created to help you choose the proper equipment. Try to bring only what is necessary; this will help you and the field staff.

Weather: Throughout our trip, morning temperatures are typically in the 20-32°C range, warming to the 80s or low 90s during the afternoon. High humidity can be expected in most of the regions we visit.  Rainfall is a possibility at any time during the year.  Staying adequately hydrated and using appropriate sun protection should be a priority for all trip participants.

We provide bikes hire :

Mountain bikes:

GIANT XTC From 16-20 USD/day




Yeti 575 : 35 USD/day

Road bikes

Surly cross check = 20USD/day

Surly longhaul =20 USD/day

Trek 520= 20USD/day

Kona Sutra = 20 USD /day

Colnago= 45 USD

Cinelli =45 USD

The bike has including

·         Water bottle cage

·         Geo saddle cove.


–    You can test the bike before departure your trip. In here you will meet our mechanic; he will show you your bike please ensures that your bike are in good working order before you leave on tour. If you are not the most mechanically minded we suggest that you should check your bike looked at by a professional bike mechanic in my store. In particularly we would suggest looking and adjusting all wheel spokes, greasing all your bearings, checking your brakes/gears cable, tighten all nuts and bolts, check chain, quick release clamps, and tires. In addition make sure the bike is well serviced and ride it with as much care and attention as possible.

–       If group less than 6 people, we don’t have Mechanic follow group. Spare only has tubes, chain link, wheel set.

–       In the morning every day, you should check your bike , and greasing chain and cable and inform for Tour Leader if bike not working well.

You should prepare document and gears as below:

Official Papers

·         Valid passport and visa

·         Airline tickets


·         Duffel bag, large and sturdy

·         Daypack or fanny pack

·         Luggage tags and luggage locks

·         Money belt

Casual Clothing

·         Lightweight fleece or synthetic top

·         Pants – synthetic, quick-drying

·         Shorts – synthetic, quick-drying

·         Long-sleeve shirts for sun protection

·         T-shirts

·         Underwear

·         Socks

·         Swimsuit

·         Bring a few lightweight, easily washable items for city and travel wear

Bicycling Accessories

·         Helmet (required), please bring your own, we could provide but not sure they will fit

·         Cycling gloves

·         Water bottle or hydration pack. On mountain bike trip we suggest you should have Camelback with more than 2 L ( some time we don’t have car support for more than 30km )

·         Bicycling Clothing

·         Cycling jerseys, short sleeve, quick drying

·         Cycling pants/shorts

·         Cycling raingear, jacket and pants, waterproof and breathable


·         Waterproof, breathable rain/wind jacket

·         Rain/wind pants

·         Footwear

·         Cycling shoes (or running shoes with stiff soles)

·         Walking shoes/sandals


·         Sunglasses and retainer strap

·         Sun hat with brim

·         Sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher)

·         Lip protection (SPF 15)

·         Toiletry kit

·         Personal first-aid kit

·         Plastic bags, various sizes including one extra-large garbage bag to line duffel bag

·         Insect repellent

·         Hand sanitizer/Handy wipes

·         Travel towel

·         Face mask/bandana

Optional Accessories

·         Saddle or ‘gel’ seat cover

·         Favorite snack food and/or energy bars

·         Camera, film and spare batteries

·         Reading and writing materials

·         Electrical converter and adapter

·         Flashlight or headlamp

·         Laundry cord and clips

·         Watch with alarm or travel clock

·         SPD

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