Road bike tour road cycling hochiminh trails Relax & Enjoy North Vietnam cycling 5 days Cycling to Ha Giang loop 9 days
Road bike tour road cycling hochiminh trails
9 days road bike tour in that called “one of the great achievements of military engineering of the 20th century” by the American National Security Agency.
Relax & Enjoy North Vietnam cycling 5 days
This trip will have you cycling through the most beautiful lands of Northern Vietnam, across the limestone mountains of Mai Chau and cycling through small villages to discover a true taste of Vietnam.
Cycling to Ha Giang loop 9 days

Delve into our Vietnam cycling Holidays…Find the right cycling tours for you

Our mountain biking holidays are all about experiencing the best biking trails that nature can bring to throw with us. Find your best mountain bike trip!

vietnam mountain bike

Trails of Ton-kin Apes 10days ( 60 off road)- Best mountain bike Vietnam tour

This is King of Mountain Bike Trails in Vietnam , allows you to reach one of the most delightful parts of the Northern Top in Vietnam where you’ll find big rolling hills, great views and speedy open descents with good sight lines

Unleash the power of e-mountain biking on this unforgettable expedition, departing October 30, 2024.

Join our most ambitious mountain bike tour without the need for exceptional endurance. Our e-bikes will seamlessly assist you throughout this remarkable adventure.

Discover Vietnam’s most captivating e-mountain bike destinations with Biking Vietnam.

Local Travel adventure cycling with E bike

Mai Chau biking

Conquer Epic Trails on a 3-Day Mai Chau Mountain Bike Challenge

This challenging 3-day adventure takes you on a 110+ kilometer odyssey through the breathtaking landscapes surrounding Mai Chau. Ride a mix of asphalt, off-road tracks, single tracks, and even local trails, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Vietnam. Climb through lush forests, conquer thrilling hills, and descend into hidden valleys.

  • 2 half day and 1 full day off road Mountain Bike
  • asphalt road ,off road, single track and trails use by local people.
  • experienced mountain bikers for group tour
  • experienced mountain bikers and partner who dont mountain biker for private tour

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E mountain bike Hanoi to LuangPrabang

Start your adventure in Hanoi and immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant energy. Cycle through the world-famous Tam Coc-Trang An scenic complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site adorned with towering limestone pillars and emerald rice paddies. Connect with local culture by spending the night with the Muong people in a traditional homestay along the Ho Chi Minh trails. Enjoy a thrilling descent through breathtaking landscapes, passing by verdant tea plantations, vibrant rural villages, and unique tribal communities. Pedal into the picturesque Pu Luong Nature Reserve, surrounded by majestic rolling hills and boasting stunning natural beauty.

Cross the border into Laos and prepare to be captivated by a different pace of life. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of rural Laos, where the population lives in harmony with nature. Picture traditional bamboo houses nestled amidst dramatic limestone formations, a testament to the region’s unique topography. Our cycling adventure culminates in the enchanting city of Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site brimming with cultural treasures.

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vietnam mountain bike adventure

5 days Mountain bike adventure

Takes place in the mountainous region surrounding  Bac Ha- Hoang Su Phi

Prepare to be challenged and inspired in the heart of Vietnam’s rugged north!

This adrenaline-pumping adventure takes place in the majestic mountainous region surrounding Bac Ha and Hoang Su Phi, nestled deep in the far northwest.

With the towering Tay Con Linh peaks of Ha Giang as your backdrop, you’ll conquer a diverse terrain that will push your limits and leave you breathless.

Get ready to tackle smile-inducing single tracks, experience the exhilaration of flowing descents, and conquer epic climbs that will test your mettle. This is an unforgettable cycling experience for those seeking a true adventure.

Normal mountain bike or E mountain bike

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Ha Giang loop maps

E bike HaGiang loop tour

The Ha Giang Loop bicycle route is an epic adventure for cyclists looking for a challenge and stunning scenery. The loop is a roughly 300-kilometer route that takes cyclists through the mountainous province of Ha Giang in northern Vietnam. The route is known for its steep climbs, winding roads, and breathtaking views of the karst mountains, rice paddies, and ethnic minority villages.

  • The unusual landscape at the top of  Ma Pi Leng Pass
  • Conquering the 1,800m summit of the highest road on this trip
  • high speed descents from Me Pia pass
  • It’s more than 300 km cycling round trip
  • Amazing karst limestone scenery of Dong Van-Meo Vac – Cao Bang
  • Cycling of  challenges every day with gravel tire of road bike or electric mountain bike

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Specialized Turbo Tero E bike

Our Specialized Turbo Tero E bike for rent

we have specialize tubo tero E-bike with rack and panniers the price 70 USD/day for solo touring self guide

Bike come with extra battery

Local Travel adventure cycling with E bike

Ha noi biking

Hanoi mountain bike day trip:

Do you want to try more aggressive and challenging trails of Hanoi mountain bike?

Sign up and you will have a lot of fun with us! Perfect for anyone looking for some of challenges mountain biking .

we start provide Electric-mountain bike in Hanoi come with this trip .

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Our cycling tours. mountain bike, road bike holiday

Take a self-guided bike tours along one of our many favorite routes in Vietnam and enjoy a beautiful cycling vacation. Due to the freedom and liberty they provide, self-guided solo bike trips in Vietnam have become more and more popular. They are less expensive than guided cycling excursions while yet providing a level of support and comfort that enables independent exploration without worrying about logistics

north west gravel bike tour

North west mountain cycling self guide

This 8days long mountain cycling tour in Mountain of North West is undoubtedly the best place to cycle in the country. The roads see virtually no tourists and avoid Vietnam’s notorious highways. 

Guide or Self guide tour : Contact :Tel/ whatsapp + 84  913571687

Local Travel adventure cycling with E bike

north eat cycling

North east gravel self guide. 8days

village paths, through farming areas and rice paddies… We offers North East Vietnam challenging cycling through a stunning unexplored area rich with cultural and geographical wonders.

Guide or Self guide tour : group from 2 people

including :

  • Accommodations in 2* hotels , and home stays.
  • Meals as noted with B=breakfast
  • Pick up truck transfer luggage , bicycle and biker
  • Cinelli road bike or electric bike Specialized Tubo Tero

Tel/ whatsapp + 84  913571687
hotline: + 84  986504666

Local Travel adventure cycling with E bike

Now you can enjoy mountain bike more easy with electric bike
E mountain bikes make it easier to get up hills

Cycling Hanoi-LuangPrabang northerm way

This 10 days trip use gravel road bike or touring bike for cycling combines some of the best  mountain parts of Vietnam and Laos.

Guide or Self guide tour : group from 2 people

Contact :Tel/ whatsapp + 84  913571687

road cycling vietnam

Road cycling in Hochiminh trails

9 days road bike tour in that called “one of the great achievements of military engineering of the 20th century” by the American National Security Agency.

Guide or Self guide tour : group from 2 people.

Contact:Tel/ whatsapp + 84  913571687

Moc Chau MTB or gravel self guide

Calling all thrill-seeking mountain bikers! challenging climbs, technical off-road riding, and stunning scenery. Immerse yourself in the local culture and diverse landscapes as you conquer single-track trails and scenic paved paths

Guide or Self guide tour : group from 2 people.

Contact :Tel/ whatsapp + 84  913571687

Hagiang bike loop

Cycling to karst plateau Ha Giang -Cao Bang

We offers 9days challenging road cycling to Ha Giang- Cao Bang through a stunning unexplored area rich with cultural and geographical wonders that call is Dong Van Karst Plateau Geographical .

Self guide tour price : group from 2 people

Tel/ whatsapp + 84  913571687

Sapa cycling loop

Road cycling Sapa loop

A 4 days  Sa Pa Mountain cycling trip covering over 250 kilometers of  fire road through pine forested hills and rain forested valleys.

The best of  mountain road biking trip , truly mountain road cycling trip in Vietnam.

Self guide tour price : group from 2 people

Tel/ whatsapp + 84  913571687

cycling holiday vietnam

Tour de Vietnam Hanoi to Saigon

This 15 days road cycling adventures starts in the capital city Hanoi in the north, and ends in Ho Chi Minh City in the far south. We use road bikes or gravel bike , and daily distance ride from 120-140 km. You will visit the most unique landscape in this country has to offer.

Self guide tour price : group from 2 people

Tel/ whatsapp + 84  913571687

From the best mountain bike tours to exotic road bike holidays, whether you want guided or semi-guided, we’ve got it covered

Best Cycling Vietnam holiday 10 days self guide- electric bike

The itinerary around Vietnam  from cycling down the stunning coastline of southern Vietnam past turquoise bays, white beaches and palm tree-lined rice fields.

Explore the majestic Royal Tombs of Hue and ascend the Hai Van Cloud Pass for vast views of tropical mountains falling into the sea.

Drift back in time while walking the cobblestone streets of Hoi An, a 2,200 year old trading port and relax and swim at the beach resort of Nha Trang…

north vietnam cycling

North Vietnam cycle

Embark on a scenic cycling adventure through the heart of Northern Vietnam! This trip, designed for touring cyclists, takes you along quiet asphalt roads amidst breathtaking landscapes. You’ll pedal past towering limestone mountains, charming villages, and lush rice paddies, experiencing the authentic beauty and culture of the region.

Hanoi Ninh Binh cycling 2 day

Cycling in deep of rainforest in Cuc Phuong nationa park and experience the geologic wonders of Vietnam on a relaxing boat ride, where you will see towering limestone mountains, refreshing calm waters, and incredible caves.

cycling tour mekong delta

Mekong delta on wheel

Cycling in the Mekong Delta lets you see a part of Vietnam that is quite unique. This area is known as the “bread bowl” of Vietnam and boasts flat and lush scenery, quite unlike any thing else you will see in Vietnam.

vietnam family cycling

North Vietnam Family cycling 4days

A family bike trip is a great way to experience. Our tour combines some of the best cycling in Vietnam with time to rest and explore.

vietnam gravel cycling

Cycling back road Hanoi-Sapa

8 days Self guide or guide tour

This itinerary takes you over the Tram Tom “Heaven’s Gate” Pass (highest point of Sapa road to Laichau .

vietnam road bike

Adventure cycling Saigon to Hanoi

Cycling Saigon Hanoi is classic leisure cycling vietnam tours journeys riding from SaiGon to Hanoi. Along the way we stop to visit the main sites in Dalat, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Hue, and finally Hanoi.

Image of Joe BikingVietnam logo

Joe- who founder is one of the most famous cycle tours in Vietnam. They offer a variety of tours, including mountain bike tours, road bike tours, and family tours.

One of the reasons why BikingVietnam is so popular is because of their owner, Joe Nguyen. Joe is a local Vietnamese guy who has been leading cycling tours since 2003. He is very knowledgeable about Vietnam and loves to share his passion for cycling with his guests.

Another reason why BikingVietnam is so popular is because of their routes. Joe Nguyen has carefully designed his routes to take in the best of Vietnam’s scenery. Cyclists will ride through rice paddies, past stunning mountain ranges, and along beautiful beaches. See us in travel cycling magazine

Joe and Woody Harrelson