Today electric bikes are extremely popular, people use electric bicycles everyday.
This article we shared with you about the experience of using electric bikes. We will split E-MTB, E-road bike, and E-touring bike
E-MTB attract a lot of cycling groups with a wide range of goals: some people use their eMTB for daily travel, others to work after work or on weekends on the Trails are maintained and others plan to make a trip on the alpine or even a bike ride to the bike park. The good news is that many E-MTB now have longer battery life, you will get more kilometers.

Everyone’s feelings about E-MTB cars, lots of different opinions, there are satisfied people, some people may be disappointed with poor specs.

How important is the motor really?

Many years of experience have clearly shown that it isn’t possible to make a universal and realistic estimate of an ebike’s range. The range of an eMTB depends on countless factors such as the support level, terrain, rider weight, environmental conditions, and cadence. Those who demand a lot of power from the motor consume a lot of electricity. If you want to travel far, you’ll have to save battery power. Read more about this topic in our article

“I’d like a Bosch bike!” This is what bicycle dealers hear several times a day from new customers – and it’s the biggest mistake you can make when buying an ebike. Sure, the motor is important. However, you don’t buy a car just because of its engine. If you want to be happy with your eMTB in the long term, you have to consider a bike as an overall concept. This group test will help you to find out which bike is best for which type of rider, terrain, and riding style. The motors of the big names in the industry all work extremely well, but differ in their purpose and functionality.

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