How the cycling tour run

About my biking tours

I try to make my tours as good as I can possibly be and constantly best my services and itineraries. On all my tours we maintain a high standard of service and attention to detail. Through meticulous itinerary planning, careful preparation, thorough staff training and attention to my client’s needs, i deliver a comfortable, safe, fun and enriching travel experience every time!

Thoughtful from Joe

I design all of own itineraries, carefully and hard work for each new route. I constantly review my tours to ensure that we offer the best of my experience for cycle. My cycling tour is one of very few cycle tour in Vietnam. If you search in the Internet you will see my itineraries, store, photos appear on some other Vietnamese websites.

I have been working with some oversea cycling tour in USA, Australia, Europe… But I don’t agreement for Vietnamese travel agent resell my itineraries and bike component, cloth, accessories, bike part, bike hire… That mean they stolen my photos and information. Imitate and steal ideal are a part of life in Vietnam but please be careful with this.

The Way We ride

The route are important for successful cycle tour. Many tours operators based outside of Vietnam offer biking tours in here without knowledge about Vietnamese traffic, for example for road bikes in Vietnam. Most tour operators take their clients straight up Highway One. When they know how dangerous and unpleasant cycling on Highway One they may just fly their clients into town and only take them on a ride around the area. No one know about Vietnam better than Vietnamese people . As much as we can, we ride point-to-point and make sure we avoid the worst traffic. We make the cycle together enjoyable cycle routes with favorite destinations.

We found that many cycling tours operator base outside of Vietnam provide mountain bike trip , just riding on asphalt pave road, some route quite busy . In my tours,we have no less than 60% off-road for mountain bike trip in dirt trails, fire road, single track.

About our price

All cyclists need a good sense of balance and we try to make right balance between price and service for our tours. We want to provide you very best services ,accommodation for our clients without being expensive.

In Vietnam of where we are local bicycle tour providers we try to give you reasonable price . We are not expensive, but we are certainly not a cut-price operation. Our tours are fully supported with vehicles, well-trained staff and a full range of top-end equipment. We take very good care of our clients.

Our tours cost an average of just USD100-USD150 a day. For some people that’s cheap, while for others it is expensive. This is something we are very proud of and have worked hard to achieve. We offers exceptional personal service and high quality accommodation at prices well below our competitors and a higher standard of service and accommodation than any other tour companies in our price range.

Before you go

We offer many of tours from day trips to two-weekbiking.

To help you make your decision, we email you a detailed for each tour with information:

+what you will see?

+what’s included.

+what visas you need, or we can help you get visa on arrival.

+what the weather is like and what to expect

When you book a biking trip we send you a pre-departure information sheet telling you what you need to bring, how to pack and what paperwork you require.

You will meet your cycle guide who assistants and responsible for taking care of you . They ensure that everything runs smoothly ,our local English speaking guides share local information, inside knowledge and their unique cultural perspective with you.

Our support vehicles carry your luggage and provide a place for you to rest if you get tired. Our staff will make any running repairs on your bike . During the rides, we keep you stop with water, fruit, soft drinks and snacks, energy gel and we make sure you get a nice cold drink – and usually a cold towel as well – at the end of each ride. At the end of the day, we make sure you get a good meal and clean and prepare your bike for the next day’s riding.


The tour price includes all accommodation, Ideally, every night we would stay in three- or four-star hotel in big city for road cycling trip or classic biking. Always aiming for local charm, we use the best of what is available. Sometimes we find a great adventure cycle route runs through an area where there isn’t any good accommodation, so we will find a local family hotel who is happy to work with us . We are sometimes forced to compromise and stay somewhere more basic than we would like but it is only for one night at most and then we move on. In these cases we send our support team out a day in advance to make everything is clean and comfortable.

Solo biker

Solo travelers are always welcome and those who would like their own room have the option of paying a single supplement. Otherwise we will arrange for a shared room with another solo traveler (of the same sex) at no extra cost. If there is no roommate available, you will cover the additional cost of a single room.


Children are welcome on our short tours in Vietnam. However, on our longer tours the minimum age is 11 years.

The Riding food

During the ”” the main meals are breakfast and the evening meal. Thus, breakfast should be large and substantial (and include cereals). Breakfasts are usually Western and Vietnamese food like fire rice, noodle soup, with such fare as eggs, ham and toast, though local alternatives are nearly always available if you prefer. We recommend that all participants should bring a supply of their favorite cereals as many of the hotels where we stay don’t yet have cereal on offer at breakfast.

For lunch (picnic) you will need to make sandwiches or Sushi in the morning, and take some fruit. We recommend you also bring along some of your favorite energy bars.

Most of our trip are adventure biking holiday, we usually riding from hotel to hotel and not moving too far by vehicle . Please understand that Eating local Vietnamese food as main of food in our tours.

The evening meal will be in a restaurant, we eat dinner together family style, which means sharing a number of delicious dishes, making sure it is an authentic feast worthy of hardworking and hungry cyclists. Most meals are included and since so many meals we serve feature local cuisines, we do our best to deliver the real thing. A spread of spring rolls, curries, grills, dumplings, hot and sour soups, stir-fries and delicious salads at the end of the day is an important ingredient in a great cycle tour in Asia. Rice is the staple at every meal, although you will also try many noodle dishes.Beer and other alcoholic beverages are available but are not included in the tour price. We will make sure there are always plenty of carbohydrates and protein on the menu.

Don’t forget adequate hydration is as important as a good meal and so you should make sure you carry enough water with you. In some stages there is no where to “top up” along the way. Follow your guides instructions for each stage. We recommend you use a hydration pack with at least 2l capacity, rather than water bottles. The water bottles don’t carry as much water, plus it will get warm during the day, they are not as hygienic and the water bottle cage can get in the way when you may have to carry your bike. Most meals are included and since so many meals we serve feature local cuisines, we do our best to deliver the real thing. A spread of spring rolls, curries, grills, dumplings, hot and sour soups, stir-fries and delicious salads at the end of the day is an important ingredient in a great cycle tour in Asia. Rice is the staple at every meal, although you will also try many noodle dishes.

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