Electric Bikes tours and holidays

Electric bike tours

Electric bike tours are a great way to explore a city or a Cycling Tour . They are easier than regular bikes, especially on hills, and they allow you to cover more ground than walking. E-bikes are also a more environmentally friendly way to travel.

Here in Hanoi, Vietnam, there are a number of electric bike tours available. These tours can take you to all the major sights in the city, as well as to some of the more hidden gems. You can also find tours that focus on specific interests, such as food or history. 

Note: Traveling with your e-bike depends on where you’re going: car, train, or plane will require different approaches. Here’s a breakdown for each:


  • Bike Rack or Carrier: This is the most common method. Invest in a hitch-mounted rack for secure transport. Remember, e-bikes are heavier than regular bikes, so ensure the rack has the weight capacity.

  • Battery Removal: Airlines strictly prohibit lithium-ion batteries on board. Detach the battery and store it safely inside your car (avoid extreme temperatures).

  • Secure Strapping: Even with a rack, use straps to prevent wobbling during transit.


  • Check with Train Operator: Train regulations vary. Some allow e-bikes packed properly, while others might require disassembly. Check with your train operator beforehand.

  • Battery Removal and Packaging: Similar to car travel, remove and pack the battery following safety guidelines (consult the airline for specifics).


  • Not Allowed as Checked Luggage: Unfortunately, due to battery regulations, airlines almost never allow e-bikes as checked luggage.

  • Shipping as Freight: While an option, this can be expensive and time-consuming. You’d need to remove and package the battery separately following specific regulations.


  • E-bike rental at destination: While less convenient than bringing your own, explore e-bike rental options at your destination. This eliminates the hassle of transport.

Today travel and cycling in Vietnam with electric bikes are extremely popular, where people use electric bicycles everyday for work and exercise

hanoi electric bicycle tours

 We start provide E-cycling tours to visit Vietnam .

If you are a regular mountain bike user or you want to try these e-bikes, We –BIKINGVIETNAM.COM is the perfect opportunity for you to accompany us to conquer the roads and use our full potential. the performance of an electric-assisted mountain bike. You are starting your mountain biking journey through the mountains of Northern Vietnam supported by our team of experienced and enthusiastic guides. Use the power of your electric power-assisted bike to get to the best terrain and explore the area you’re traveling through, the forests, or the villages… places with amazing scenery , and the people are friendly

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This page we shared with you about the experience of our electric bikes Vietnam tours. We will split E-MTB, E-road bike, and E-touring bike

Electric bike Tours

Babe lake-Cao Bang mountain bike 5 days

Day 1: Hanoi – Bac Son: ( 65km ) Transfer out of Hanoi ( 3hours ) off road biking Dong.


Mai Chau mountain bike 3 days

Mai chau electric mountain bike TRIP HIGHLIGHTS 3 day off road Mai chau Mountain Bike challenger trip covering more than.

Vietnam mountain bike -Nov-2019

Dirt Trails Mountain Bike 6days

Vietnam- Dirt trails mountain bike tour   This tour offers challenging gravel dirt trails mountain bike Vietnam and a wonderful.


Mountain bike Vietnam-Trails of Tonkin Alpes 10 days

No1 mountain bike Vietnam biking challenger Trails of Tonkin Alpes ( 60-75% off road)- Best mountain bike Vietnam tour TRIP.


Mountain bike Ninh Binh -Hoa Binh trails

Ninh binh cycling 2 days mountain bike tours in Hanoi-Ninh Binh-Hoa Binh Looking for mountain bike trails in Hanoi ?.

northerm vietnam mountain bike

Northern mountain bike 4days

Northern mountain bike This unique northern mountain bike tour, a cross country mountain biking from Hanoi to Mai Chau– Pu.


Middle North Vietnam Mountain Bike Adventure 5days

  5 days Mountain bike adventure takes place in the mountainous region surrounding  Bac Ha- Hoang Su Phi Deep in.

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