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Sunday, 17/1/2016 | 14:00 GMT + 7 |
The reason you should travel to Hoi An now
Airfare, homestay, cheaper hotels, cool weather and not too crowded, Hoi An bed breakfast in the early months of the year brings a beauty, attractive.
Hoi An sparkling New Year Eve / Tea shop ‘silent’ in the ancient town of Hoi An
Here are 6 things you want to schedule a trip to Hoi An right now in rainy season:

Cheap airfare

The end-of-year airlines often have many promotions applied during the weekend or spring, encouraging and stimulating tourists to travel cheap tickets. Just a little bit of cheap ticketing, you will not have trouble booking this period. One round trip ticket to Da Nang is only about 600,000 – 1.5 million.

Price homestay, attractive hotel

A sparkling night by Hoai River. Photo by Huong Chi
The rainy season is the low season of Hoi An tourism, so guest houses, hotels, homestay are much more “soft” to attract tourists. Pre-booking on the website also helps you save time in Hoi An and has many options and incentives. Just take a moment, you easily find homestay rooms, hotels about 200,000 to 400,000 VND / night. If you go two people, you can also find hotel rooms near the center of the old town with only 270,000 VND / night or more.

Cool weather

Before the Lunar New Year, Hoi An was scattered with rain, alternating with sunny days, no storms or floods. Especially in January, when the north is in the long cold waves and the hot sun is sultry, Hoi An is the appropriate destination. The climate is much cooler, so you do not need to bring warm clothes or sunblocks.

Rainy season travel experience

The streets of Hoi An in the rainy season are much quieter and peaceful. Photo by Huong Chi
Many visitors will be happy to buy raincoats, umbrellas, or bikes. Hoi An also has countless addresses with airy, green space for you to enjoy the rainy day with aromatic tea or hot coffee. Looking at the sea this season is also a pleasant experience because the sea is empty, the air is cold so you can easily catch many beautiful angles to take pictures. Because of the cool weather, Hoi An is becoming more romantic and ideal for couples to get married.

Old town is not crowded, noisy

Not peak tourist season as the holidays 30/4, 1/5 or summer should Hoi An domestic guests. Here are mainly international guests from China, Japan, Korea, USA and Europe. So, you will not encounter crowded scenes when buying tickets to visit, buy or eat in the shops. Guests can enjoy cycling, walking on the busy streets.

Good weather

Ba Boi chicken rice flavor delicious, attractive diners. Photo by Huong Chi
The cooler months of the New Year will allow visitors to enjoy better food. Chicken nuggets, breads, pancakes, rolls … warm, very cool, cold and rainy, and you can enjoy many kinds of tea Or a cup of cold corn milk.

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