Ninh Binh cycling

A Ninh Binh cycling tour excursion is a fantastic way to spend a day and explore the beautiful nature and historical sites of Vietnam.

From boat rides along lush riverbanks to temple visits and stunning views of the countryside, a Ninh Binh excursion offers a unique and memorable experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

A Ninh Binh excursion typically starts with a scenic boat ride along the Hoang Long River. As you navigate along the river, you can admire the stunning limestone karsts and their majestic presence. You may even spot local fishermen hard at work and captivating wildlife along the riverbanks.

During your trip, you can also visit the temples of the Dinh, Le, and Ho Dynasties. These impressive structures date back to the 8th and 9th centuries, and are a testament to the architectural and cultural sophistication of the Vietnamese people. As you explore the temples and their grounds, you will discover intricate carvings, detailed murals, and captivating sculptures.

2 days Mountain bike tours in Hanoi-Ninh Binh-Hoa Binh

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ninh binh cycling tour

2 days  Cuc Phuong- Tam Coc biking

Cycling in deep of rainforest in Cuc Phuong nationa park and experience the geologic wonders of Vietnam on a relaxing boat ride, where you will see towering limestone mountains, refreshing calm waters, and incredible caves.

Finally, the tour of Ninh Binh will lead you to the most magnificent view of all: the picturesque landscape of Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex. As you stand in awe of this breathtaking natural wonder, you can take in the breathtaking views, observe the impressive mountains and caves, and gaze upon the lush rice paddies nestled amongst the valleys below.

ninh binh cycling

North vietnam cycle -Mai Chau- Ninh Binh

The trip that we provide for you, will cycle on asphalt roads, with relatively little traffic, this is the perfect route for those who like touring cyclists

A Ninh Binh excursion is truly an unforgettable experience. By taking in the majestic beauty of the Hoang Long River, visiting the temples of the past dynasties, and admiring the stunning views of Trang An, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the Vietnamese culture and appreciate the incredible natural beauty of this amazing country.

The author visited the Ninh Binh province, which is known for its lush rice fields, majestic caves, limestone karsts, and charming pagodas [1]. He recommends cycling the twenty-five kilometer route from south to north, which takes two days to complete [2]. The first stop on the route is the Bich Dong Pagoda, a three-tiered ancient Buddhist temple built into a cave [1]. Across the lotus pond and beyond the ornate gate, you’ll find three pagodas – Ha, Trung, and Thuong – each with their own unique architecture and design [1]. The tranquility of the temple complex is second to none and the views of the countryside improve with every stair you climb, but the real magic lies to the right of the main entrance, an area which not many tourists seem to know about [1]. A short climb will reveal a valley of mountain goats and lush vegetation with a dirt path winding through the hills [1]. The photo opportunities are endless and it’s one of those places where it’s nearly impossible to put your camera down [3]. The next stop on the route is the Thai Vi Temple, which is less so for the temple itself and more so for its surroundings [1]. From the parking lot, a path weaves through a number of rice fields and past the Thien Huong Cave Geological Site [1]. The marine notches here are 3.29 meters above sea level and the cave is covered in marine oysters dating back to 4,500 BP [1]. At the water’s edge, you can catch a glimpse of the Tam Coc boat tour passing by, one of Ninh Binh’s top-rated tourist attractions [1]. What separates this tour from others is that the Vietnamese people rowing these boats do so with their feet! While that may sound (and look) strange, I learned that it’s actually much faster and involves far less effort than traditional rowing, an all-around more effective method

Ninh binh cycling

Cycling in Ninh Binh province is a great way to experience the beautiful countryside and rural life of Ninh Binh [1]. Cycling is the best way to get around Ninh Binh and is easy, fun, and short [2]. Cycling is not only eco-friendly and a great form of exercise, but it allows you to slow down and appreciate the surroundings in a different way.

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ninh binh cycling

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