Rent a bicycle in Hanoi

To rent bicycle in Hanoi, you can search for rental companies online or head to a rental office or garage in person.

Rent bicycle in Hanoi can find in some of the top bicycle rental companies in Hanoi can be found through a simple online search, with options to compare prices and read reviews. Additionally, many hotels in Hanoi offer bicycle rental services to their guests, so it may be worth checking with your hotel to see if they have any options available. Some rental companies may require a deposit, and rental prices may vary based on the length of the rental period. It’s always a good idea to inquire about any safety equipment or accessories that may be included with the rental, such as helmets and locks.

rent bicycle in hanoi

When it comes to cycling around Hanoi, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a bike. A lightweight bike with good brakes and tires is recommended, as the roads in Hanoi can be narrow, busy, and uneven. A hybrid or city bike is a good option for navigating the city’s streets, with the added ability to handle some light off-road terrain. It’s also important to consider the weather, as Hanoi can get quite hot and humid, so a bike with good ventilation is ideal. Additionally, having a bike with a storage compartment or basket can be useful for carrying essentials like water, snacks, and a map. When renting a bike, it’s a good idea to ask the rental company for their recommendations based on your planned routes and activities. provide services for Vietnam bike rental

Please Note: Vietnam bike rental for Touring self guide cycle ,we require a cash for deposit of :

  1. 1,000USD for each bike rented with Giant XTC electric
  2. 1,200USD  Trek 520, Surly cross
  3. 4,900USD for each bike with Cinelli or Colnago road bike
  4. 2,400USD  for Cannondale F3 . RZ one twenty 3
  5. 2,500 USD for Cannondale scalpel
  6. 5,000 USD for Specialized Tero electric bike


Vietnam bike rental booking

Vietnam bikes rental
Giant XTC electric bike


Price : 25 USD/day

  • Extreme: 54 km
  • Good: 75 km
  • Ideal: 93 km


Price : 55 USD/day

  • Extreme: 84 km
  • Good: 95 km
  • Ideal: 103 km

Trek 520

Price : 25 USD/day

Surly Cross

Surly cross

Price : 25 USD/day

Cannondale Scalpel

Price : 25 USD/day

Cannondale RZ 120

Price : 25 USD/day

Colnago CLX

Price : 48 USD/day

Colnago is one of the most famous names in road cycling. Ernesto Colnago started off producing his own steel frames and also worked as a race mechanic for the teams of Fiorenzo Magni and Eddy Merckx among others.

Cinelli road bike

Cinelli Veltrix

Price : 48 USD/day

Italian firm Cinelli provides the frameset for a build that’s as Mediterranean as olive oil. So often, bike firms slap an Italian flag on something and double the price, hoping people will see the red, green and white stripes as a mark of quality.

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